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hey there i,m klm44 nice to meet you hope you enjoy my page

good girl

well once upon a time there where happy endings if you don,t get called for the battle of 24 12 to 18 year olds well i'm boaring Mary i'm a good sccore player and my life was great i hade the best crush and i played around his work yea but me and him where called and where not friends but i wish we where i wounder what a like that will do to a girl like me we are on a train and where siting close you think we would hold  hands not we sit there quite call it the quite game and i won because he hade to stay hello and i said hhhhhhi ttttherer and he looked at me the  train  stoppeded in my head i was thinking i have never been so happy to be someware i didn,t want to go in my life but..... what for part 2.

i love Jesusgr gruop is here.