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Hey, So come check out my page! I am friendly!

hey there i,m klm44 nice to meet you hope you enjoy my page

sbcc there talent

i love these peices by carlous.

sbcc animation

i start on tuesday but i haven't heard in 2 days from the owner well i guess thats life . i can,t what to work with carlous he's cool i love to draw and struff and guess what i'm plot writer 3.

good girl

well once upon a time there where happy endings if you don,t get called for the battle of 24 12 to 18 year olds well i'm boaring Mary i'm a good sccore player and my life was great i hade the best crush and i played around his work yea but…

art dump

i didn,t color i'm a bad girl.

shut up and drive the frist part did not come up

yea soo the frist part of part one was kinda a back ground story i,ll get to it soon.

shut up and drive

this series only for the blog.

sneek peek

happy morel day

good morning and happy morel day

this is to all people.

see you

see you leter gone

love my new job

going to bed

sorry i have to go to bed please don,t give me the whien thing good night people.

my favortie singers

they have all sang something i like.


Just Dance 4 - Oh No! - 5* Stars - YouTube

you make me fill like song and look alikes

Just Dance 4 - You Make Me Feel... - 5* Stars - YouTube


Bridgit Mendler - Ready or Not (Official Video) - YouTube

i dressed luchia

come and get it

Selena Gomez - Come & Get It - YouTube

i'm geting very bad songs that i like

Selena Gomez ~ Cruella De Vil (Official Music ... i'm being scary and i'm board

i colored luchia

i colred luchia.

art time

i love the saying art time

SBCC Aniamation studios

yes i'm starting on Tuesday okay.

i work at an animtoin comnpy

it is true so yea heres the link http://sbccanimation.weebly.com/ thanks to my fans love you all klm44.

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (Official Music ...

feeling scrad

PMPfⒶn13*さんの作品 i know stuppied me but mybe i have a got it.

hot boys

yea he is hotie.


my little pony is having a movie where they turn to humans so watch when it comes out june 6.


my little neopet cute right .

mermaid melody

i know i speak english but i love this show and i want to go to japan some day to.


Grenade MV it important too look at

i love Jesusgr gruop is here.