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here this song and then think of you love

"Had Me @ Hello" - Olivia Holt (Lyrics Video ...

realvel pictures

hade te best of time at frist but then turned into like a storm and me and my sis and my friend where like we're gonna die.


okay so yea i'm gona go to church tonight for the 3 day in a roe . yea reavel . hearing @ hello man i love that song . and th all thoughs bullies that i know on haiku if you read this stop being mean someone shuold band you bullies are squ…

jesus saves

Rags the soundtrack - YouTube

i agrea with jake the only people that are lost are people that don't know Jeus. i'm going to a tent reaveal tonight night 3 of 5 that i'm going and then a dinner on sunday.

frealesss oliva holt

i.m fearlessOlivia Holt-Fearless(Lyric Video) HD - YouTube

ant farm

i love the message i'm 13 and love to sing and they make me feel like i can do it . and people are asking wich boy is better fletcher or jake short are the best .A.N.T. Farm Theme Song - YouTube

hade me at hello

Olivia Holt,Luke Benward & Kat McNamara-Had Me ...

random post

jake short

a realy cute 16 that i want to meet he's so cool well thats it Miko13*.

i love Jesusgr gruop is here.