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hey there i,m klm44 nice to meet you hope you enjoy my page

church tent

i'm alive

okay so yea you all know i went to a reval well there was a storm i hade i feeling to get out of there finnaly my dad said get out of this tent and we went to fellowship building and we left and arew family that was there left and the peop…

luke benward

Had Me @ Hello - Luke Benward (Full Official Song ...



Olivia Holt-Fearless(Lyric Video) HD - YouTube



hi there it is me miko 13* so today i want to know do you think that cindral movies are cool or not cool cause mt answer cooler than and i hate to say this but my pink ranger doll yeah but seriesly what do you think.

miko bot to miko bot


girl vs. monster

are you fearless

everyone has fears

here this song and then think of you love

"Had Me @ Hello" - Olivia Holt (Lyrics Video ...

realvel pictures

hade te best of time at frist but then turned into like a storm and me and my sis and my friend where like we're gonna die.


okay so yea i'm gona go to church tonight for the 3 day in a roe . yea reavel . hearing @ hello man i love that song . and th all thoughs bullies that i know on haiku if you read this stop being mean someone shuold band you bullies are squ…

jesus saves

Rags the soundtrack - YouTube

i agrea with jake the only people that are lost are people that don't know Jeus. i'm going to a tent reaveal tonight night 3 of 5 that i'm going and then a dinner on sunday.

frealesss oliva holt

i.m fearlessOlivia Holt-Fearless(Lyric Video) HD - YouTube

ant farm

i love the message i'm 13 and love to sing and they make me feel like i can do it . and people are asking wich boy is better fletcher or jake short are the best .A.N.T. Farm Theme Song - YouTube

hade me at hello

Olivia Holt,Luke Benward & Kat McNamara-Had Me ...

random post

jake short

a realy cute 16 that i want to meet he's so cool well thats it Miko13*.


miko i worked hard on this picture.

picture making


when you feel sad aboutr hantean closing flipnote hantena listen to this

Katy Perry - Part Of Me - YouTube

you make me feel like

Just Dance 4 - You Make Me Feel... - 5* Stars ...


i might finsh coloring later.


hey so i can do some work for any one give me you name anf an email i'm happy to help bye.

good morning

today i start at sbcc animation studies.

well i'm gona go bye

tonight yea tomorrow no.

i love Jesusgr gruop is here.